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Our Research
Assessment of implicit motives: Revise and enhance existing, motive coding systems

Many previous PSE coding systems are either based on only one or two motive arousal studies, carry too many theoretical assumptions, or do not sufficiently and validly differentiate between approach and avoidance components of a given motive (e.g., hope of success and fear of failure are both facets of the implicit achievement motive). Ongoing work at the HuMAN Lab therefore aims to revise and update existing motive coding systems based on new, more sophisticated motive arousal studies that will help to identify robust thematic indicators of a motivational need and the differentiation of its approach and avoidance facets. It is our goal to provide revised systems for the assessment of achievement, affiliation, and power imagery both as stand-alone coding systems and integrated into a comprehensive coding system that will allow researchers to code for all three types of motive imagery in one run.


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