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Resources at the HuMAN Lab

Mitarbeiter im Labor Hormonlabor

The HuMAN Lab is equipped for the assessment of hormonal and immunological parameters. It is licensed for use of radioisotopes (iodine 125) to perform radioimmunoassays. We can also perform enzymatic immunoassays. In the past, we have developed and used protocols to assess testosterone, cortisol, estrogen, and progesterone in saliva (e.g., Campbell, Schultheiss, & McClleland, 1999; Schultheiss, Dargel, & Rohde, 2003 b).

The HuMAN Lab is also equipped with 13 workstations for the computer-based assessment of motives (e.g., a computerized PSE), cognitive functions, and behavior (e.g., allocation of attention, brain laterality, implicit sequence learning, referential processing). On up to 4 of these workstations simultaneously, physiological parameters such as heart rate, skin conductance, facial EMG, and startle reflex potentiation can be measured.

All data collection procedures, instructions, tasks, and questionnaires are programmed with experimental software, such as Inquisit, MediaLab, and DirectRT. Sequential presentation of task and instruction modules is automatized through batch files. This ensures an extremely high level of standardization of data collection procedures, exact control over what type of stimuli participants are exposed to and for how long, eliminates the need for manual data entry and text transcription, and minimizes experimenter effects on research participants, which, given implicit motives' sensitivity to nonverbal cues, can be sizeable.


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