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Resources available for other researchers

The HuMAN Lab is happy to provide other researchers with access to its library of classic and modern PSE picture stimuli and help them compile suitable picture sets for the assessment of specific motives, motive combinations, or motives in specific populations. We are also happy to share with other researchers all computer scripts for data collection modules, such as the PSE, implicit learning and attentional orienting tasks, various questionnaires, etc. In fact, if anyone wants to closely replicate and extend on studies conducted in our lab, we are also willing to share complete sets of data collection modules and the batch files that we use to conduct entire data collection sessions.

The HuMAN Lab also has a vast archive of thousands of PSE stories collected in dozens of studies in Germany and the US. Older PSEs exist as handwritten stories; more recent ones are available as text files, because they were written on the computer. The HuMAN lab will, upon request, make these PSE stories and the data sets associated with them available for secondary analysis or the application and evaluation of new content coding systems.

Finally, the HuMAN Lab offers its expertise in content coding to other researchers who would like to have PSE stories scored by experienced coders. If you are interested in having English-language PSE or TAT stories coded for achievement, affiliation, and power motive imagery, please contact Diana Yankova. If you are interested in having German- or Russian-language PSE or TAT stories coded for motive imagery, please contact Mariya Patalakh. Both coders have extensive coding experience, scoring more than 3000 PSE stories for the HuMAN Lab, and have demonstrated excellent scoring agreement (> 85%) with expert scores on training and calibration materials. For more information, please email Diana Yankova or Mariya Patalakh.

We also offer workshops on the assessment of salivary steroids and on the assessment of implicit motives in verbal material to other interested labs and institutions. For further information, please contact the HuMAN Lab director, Oliver C. Schultheiss.


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